Mark Hopeful That F.B.I. Will Pursue Election Criminals

True to his word, regarding the '04 primary election scandal, Mark Greene has made the first contacts to the Justice Department, and Mark is hopeful that the Seattle U.S. Attorney's Office and the F.B.I. will think that this is a good enough case to pursue the criminals who electronically manipulated the 14th of September, 2004 primary election in the State of Washington.  Mark may hear something from these offices as early as Thursday, Oct. 14. The first order of business in this possible investigation may and probably should be the securing and counting of the '04 ballots if, in fact, the ballots still survive (presently, we are not sure if they have survived or how long old ballots have to be kept by Washington elections officials).  If the ballots have not survived, this case will have very weak legs.  Once an investigation has started, the elections officials in King, Pierce and Thurston counties, as well as the Secretary of State's office in Olympia, if they are involved in ballot storage, should be put on notice that they cannot throw out ballots involving the '04 9th Congressional District primary.

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