Ha Ha Ha, Break the Law, Who Cares?

We're not talking about jaywalking, we're talking about the systematic subverting of the United States Constitution by the main U.S. intelligence agencies and proxies, who even after being slapped on the wrist by the courts, continue to engage in warrantless spying activities against American citizens, particularly critics of the government, such as our party. Also, even after the C.I.A. was effectively implicated in torture (including through photographs/videos that they themselves destroyed) against people around the world, some not guilty of anything except being in the "wrong" place at the "wrong" time, as if that should matter, the nation's chief law enforcement official, Attorney General Eric Holder, is looking the other way from torturers and assorted war criminals, generally, and instead threatening whistleblowers who have uncovered a lot of the crimes, if not all of them.  Holder is a clown, put in his position to be a clown, but he's no ordinary clown, but a dangerous one, especially for those who really believe in the rule of law and morality, and try to do something about it. So in the United States, people are given long prison terms for the most moderate of crimes, such as possessing a little too much of the wrong type of drug, and other instances of ridiculously lesser offenses than, say, starting a long, crazy war on false premises, and several years afterwards promoting a book tour and laughing all the way to the bank, as the attorney general shrugs.  Oh, and did we mention, Holder was appointed by the "change" administration.

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