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Sad sacks, Al Gore and John Kerry, in 2000 and 2004, respectively, let George Bush, Jr. steal presidential elections from them, and in Kerry's case, without even the least little fight. As for Gore, he looked ridiculous as he first conceded the election, thereby yielding the high ground to Bush, and then decided to let his lawyers contest the election. After the Supreme Court stupefyingly stopped a Floridian vote count, Gore didn't try to stop Bush's coronation through the House of Representatives. Neither of the sad sacks have the gumption or courage of Ukraine's Yulia Tymoshenko, a dynamic politician who was one of the leaders of the Orange Revolution that overthrew a rigged presidential vote several years ago, and this year, as a candidate for president, is still determined to make sure there is an honest vote count in the wake of last weekend's Ukrainian election. If the "Democrats" in America had even half the courage of Tymoshenko, they might could even get a sorry health care bill passed (not that that would be a good thing; "Commons" supports a 'single payer' health care bill).

[revised on 2/9/10]

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