Will Authorities Arrest Nemesis of "Commons"?

Now that Mark Greene has all but decided to run for the state house of representatives in Washington's 41st district in 2010, and is simultaneously a candidate for secretary of state in 2012, the remote control nemesis disrupting the chairman's computer is now actively interfering in an active election campaign, but do the authorities care? Not hardly. In authoritarian America, Uncle Sam's agents (or their proxies) have free rein to do whatever they damn well please, disrupt elections, steal mail, make warrantless wire taps, and particularly harass vulnerable law-abiding political groups who don't get support from either of the two-party colossuses. There will be no arrests and no penalties for disrupting and interfering in these elections in America, willfully causing our side to be at a distinct disadvantage. Par for the course in 2010. Now, time for the authoritarian hypocrites to preach to the rest of the world about freedom and democracy.

[revised on 2/9/10]

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