Helper of the Poor

Similar to the calls in the New Testament to help the poor, the ACORN organization that has been the object of reckless criticism, propaganda outbursts, and defunding by Congress, has done exactly that, assisting the poor and the downtrodden with voter registration, housing, legal services, etc.  No wonder that the corporate mainstream news media, especially the FOX network propagandists, made up a scandal out of bare cloth and was instrumental in turning it into a national brouhaha.  Of course, the "Republican" network does not want the poor voting in great numbers, because they tend not to vote for Republicans, which is why FOX will take advantage of any flimsy evidence or outright fabrication to make an organization that helps the poor look bad.  "FOX News" is not really a news organization, it is essentially a network of right-wing political operatives.  Our only question is why did the Democratic-controlled Congress go along with this defunding of ACORN when it obviously went against their own interests? Time for a new political party, because neither Republicans or Democrats represent the will of the people.

[revised on 4/11/10]

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