A Menace to Public Health

Genetically engineered (GE) food, which is the destabilization of the natural molecular structure of seeds and plants, and not merely the hybridization of different plants and crops, is a menace to public health.  However, the corrupt political legislative bodies and administrators in America are under orders from their corporate bosses not to allow the public the choice of whether to consume these experimental degenerate foods by refusing to mandate labeling of GE products.  Labeling is far from a ban that exists in more enlightened areas, from a public health standpoint, like the European Union, but at least the consumer would know which foods contain GE and which does not.  A ban could be instituted later, after labeling would show the folly of trying to make this ill-considered experiment on Mother Nature and the American public acceptable.

See article on genetically engineered and modified food from NaturalNews.com by clicking on the title link above.

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