So They're Reading the Constitution in Congress

The 112th Congress has started out with an obvious try at hoodwinking, reading the Constitution out loud and trying to make citizens believe that they are actually going to start following it for a change. As we have written on another blog, "Contrarian," the Constitution has become a guideline rather than the grand treatise that it is suppose to be, and high officials regularly disregard it at their whim. Nice try, Speaker Boehner, but you're not fooling anybody. Please, see comments section for our old "Contrarian" article about this subject.

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Thanks to the feeble, little congress persons that predominate on Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C., these days, the once Grand Treatise known as the United States Constitution has become a mere guideline for our politicians. Members of the intelligence community and the White House, no matter who the president was, have for many years been able to blithely ignore or outright disobey provisions of the Constitution at will, with no threat of criminal liability, impeachment or other sanctions.

The Congress itself has become a mere debating society that has practically no authority that an imperial presidency cannot override. It is sort of like the Russian Duma in the days of Czar Nicholas II. They can have their grand titles and go about their ceremonial functions, and even pretend like they have the powers that the U.S. Constitution granted them, as long as they stay in their place.

The famous White House miscreant, Bush, Jr., took away a lot of Congress's powers with the kind of executive orders, for instance, that gave him the power to pronounce outright martial law, and be done with the pretense of separation of co-equal powers. The Hastert-ites and the Pelosi-crats, with a handful of exceptions, chose instead to deal with the underhanded and not raise their collective voice in opposition. They just slinked back into their offices, did their usual sleazy dealings with the corporate behemoth, and enhanced their personal and campaign pocketbooks. Meanwhile, on their watch, the Constitution has gradually become a guideline, an option, a policy choice for officials in the executive branch to follow at their whim, with of course their hand-picked judges to give an air of respectability to their imperial decisions (a good number of federal judges are oblivious to simple constitutional mandates).

The 4th Amendment of the Constitution against unwarranted searches and seizures, as the Party of Commons knows all too well, has become a laughable joke (since the time it was merely a joke) in the halls of the F.B.I., C.I.A., N.S.A., Defense Department, et cetera. Thanks, also, to Dennis Hastert, Nancy Pelosi, Bush, Jr., and of course, our present "constitutional scholar" president.

[first published in "Contrarian" on 6/28/09; revised on 6/30/09]

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