Shameless Media

We have never seen a mainstream media as shameless as the one in the Seattle metropolitan area, except maybe in Anchorage, Alaska (Mark Greene won back-to-back major party nominations for U.S. representative in that state without so much as a photograph in that city's main newspaper, despite that they had received one from the Ketchikan Daily News). The PI, sometimes curiously called "Post-Intelligencer," formerly a newspaper, but now a mere website, is especially shameless, not the least of which when one of their "journalists" wrote an article which effectively threw roses at the feet of Reagan Dunn during the 9th district council election in King County in 2009, while snidely dismissing his challengers; an article that was completely void of substance. Now, the Seattle, WA mainstream media, along with their blogosphere pups, are giving strong signals that they are going to give the Logan-Huff regime an exclusive media card, effectively being campaign agents for Sherril Huff. Ain't that sweet.

[revised on 3/3/11]

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