I Wouldn't Write About This Election Either If I Were the Seattle Times

Imagine the Seattle Times just ignoring the King County Director of Elections election completely, after all the coverage they gave the very first election for this position in '09,  and just about every other local election that they are covering this year.  Do they think that I am so upset by their dereliction of duty that I am beside myself with grief, and might even consider getting out of politics because of them?  They can dream on, because I will be in the thick of politics with the support and votes of the people who are tired of politics as usual, because a victory by me would empower the people of King County through knowing that their votes will be counted and that they can change the government by will.  Nonetheless, I can understand the Times, because if I had missed a story on how a U.S. Representative primary was stolen in '04 in my own territory, and still refused to investigate it seven years later, if not actually stonewalling the story, I might not want to cover an election either that involves the details of that long ago primary.  Meanwhile, I get called all sorts of names by those who aren't impressed with anything not given the imprimatur of the corporate mainstream news media for having the audacity to protest a questionable election (not properly investigated by the Elections Dept. back then, if investigated at all) in which it looks like I was denied a rightful victory. This is an important story, too, because if we can't be sure that our votes are really counted, then we can't be sure that the people's democracy is in fact that. 

- by Mark Greene  (See previous post, please, about the Elections Dept. not mailing out thousands of ballots on time.)

[revised on 10/30/11]

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Disclaimer: Dean Logan is an ex-director of King County Elections and the predecessor to the present incumbent (both appointed by ex-executive Ron Sims).

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