Fascist Mayors

Homelessness is quite hellish.  Nowhere to put your property.  Often nowhere to sleep.  And of course major difficulties in going through everyday-type life.  The long economic depression has made it just about impossible for many people to find jobs as a result of the so-called free trade boondoggles, the astounding corporate big-shot greed, in which a handful of individuals get paid ridiculously large amounts of money, and the overall indifference to citizens who are unemployed and suffering hard times.  Now, we have the spectacle of sleazy, fascist mayors all over America telling the "Occupy" demonstrators and the poor that they cannot set up encampments in public areas, overlooking the fact that many of these people have no home.  So people have been economically disenfranchised to the point that they cannot even afford a sleeping room, let alone an apartment, and now they are being told that they will be arrested if they sleep outdoors -- even though many of these cities issuing the orders cannot provide shelter for people without homes.  This is pure sadistic harassment of the poor by officials who apparently are trying to drive many people into a pit of hell, ethical behavior be damned.  It's about time that these officials be driven out of office by the many through re-calls and votes.

[revised on 11/18/11]

The Lieutenant Governor has only one official duty and that is to preside over the State Senate, so Mark will study the Robert's Rules of Order. If elected, in unofficial duties, Mark will concentrate on emergency management in a state that is susceptible to earthquakes, and one having the Hanford nuclear waste debacle on its hands, and one nuclear power plant. We must learn from the Japan crisis earlier this year, and begin to phase out nuclear energy altogether and transform to solar, wind, geothermal and other non-nuclear and non-fossil fuel energy systems. Where to put the nuclear waste that has already been made will be a major headache for society even as we begin to phase out nuclear energy, but one we'll have to deal with. If elected, I will also be trying to phase out genetically modified food in Washington state by mandating labeling. People, generally, won't buy GMO food if it is labeled, which is why the shady Monsanto Corporation fights proposals for labeling so vigorously. Please, send an e-mail to mark@partyofcommons.com to get a petition page (and anywhere from 2 - 10 signatures) that will get Mark on the ballot. Thanks.

If possible, please, consider contributing to campaign by sending a check or money order to Mark Greene for Lieutenant Governor Comm., P.O. Box 612, Bellevue, WA 98009. Also, Mark is depending on supporters to spread the word about the campaign to get around the media bias regarding non-establishment campaigns. Thank you! Mark is probably the only politician in Washington that had the temerity to keep the 2004 election shenanigans in the news as late as 2011 and to call out names. Elections are too important for shams to be ignored and for accountability to be neglected.

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