No Wholesale Firings in a New Administration

Of course, with the possibility of a new director next January, there would be reforms at the Department of Elections -- that's what elections are about, after all -- although Mark, an independent, is not part of a major party political apparatus and does not have a pool of advisors and party staff to help him make selections for staff. Mark, besides using his own judgment and pulling from his own experience, will rely on trusted reform-minded politicians of a bi-partisan or non-partisan nature and election experts to make suggestions for new individual personnel. By law and the interest of a smooth transition, there will be no radical changes in the civil service staff if Mark is elected, and some of the current managerial staff will be kept on board in January, especially those who were not under former controversial director Dean Logan's tutelage. Mark recognizes that there are many conscientious workers currently at Elections, and he will need their advice, expertise, professionalism and experience if elected in November. As far as salaries are concerned, Mark would concentrate on decreasing (lessening) his own director's salary only (by 33%; Ms. Huff currently makes $155,000 per year, approximately), except that no management salary should be higher than the director's salary. Civil service salaries will not be affected by this election.

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