Corporate Media and Political Establishment Work Hand In Hand

It was no accident that the corporate media hardly said one iota of words or made any reports about the Director of Elections election in King County last year, as they and their partners in the Political Establishment, currently in the process of ruining the country -- our nation, work hand-in-hand together to keep democracy at bay and the people at large uninformed about their shenanigans -- of course.  Please, help Mark get around this overt authoritarianism as practiced by the elite political/media Establishment by donating to his lieutenant governor campaign and getting signatures for his petition.  If you would like to get signatures, write to and ask for single petition page in which you would commit to getting anywhere from 2 - 10 signatures.

[revised on 2/17/12]

If possible, please, consider sending check or money order to Mark Greene for Lieutenant Governor Comm., P.O. Box 612, Bellevue, WA 98009. Also, Mark is depending on supporters to spread the word about the campaign to get around the media bias regarding non-establishment campaigns. Thank you!

Mark is probably the only politician in Washington that had the temerity to keep the 2004 election shenanigans in the news as late as 2011 and to call out names. Elections are too important for shams to be ignored and for accountability to be neglected.

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