Grays Harbor County, WA

In this blog's recognition of Washington's 39 counties, each of the next 39 posts on Commoner will be named in honor of a county, in alphabetical order starting with Adams. The county that is recognized on a particular day does not necessarily correlate with the particular topic chosen for that day other than in the general sense.


With record high temperatures across the United States this summer, it should now be clear to even the most dedicated global warming deniers that global warming/climate change is a fact and that we as a nation and a world community must do everything in our power to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and other "greenhouse" gases.  This is a quote from Darcy's campaign website: "A healthy environment is essential for a high quality of life and I am committed to protecting it for current and future generations. The environment is much more than just beautiful scenery: it is the air we breathe, the water we drink, the ocean and soil that provide our food, and the stable climate we depend on. I will fight for the environment we all cherish, including aggressively addressing global climate change." 

 I am very confident that once Darcy is elected to Congress from the 1st Congressional District, she will be among the leaders in Congress in working for cap & trade legislation and other effective greenhouse reduction plans, including urging whoever is president in 2013 to work for an effective international greenhouse reduction treaty to replace the ailing Kyoto Treaty.  I am glad to be both an endorsee and endorser of Darcy Burner.


Darcy Burner for Congress

Mark Greene for Lieutenant Governor

If possible, please, consider contributing to campaign: make selections of how you want to donate, or send check or money order to Mark Greene for Lieutenant Governor Comm., P.O. Box 612, Bellevue, WA 98009. Also, Mark is depending on supporters to spread the word about the campaign to get around the media bias regarding non-establishment campaigns. Thank you! Mark is probably the only politician in Washington that had the temerity to keep the 2004 election shenanigans in the news as late as 2011 and to call out names. Elections are too important for shams to be ignored and for accountability to be neglected.

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