Apple Pie Politics

Well, it was a matter of time before the Romney & Ryan ticket started bringing out Mom, Apple Pie and the Flag to try to fool the American people about their dubious Medicare plans, which is basically to close out the program and replace it with a coupon system.  Of course, Mr. Ryan is saying he wouldn't dare change Medicare for those presently on the system, but if change is so great, why not?  Or if change is so worrisome, why change it at all?  Because then, he would have to start taxing himself and his rich friends more.  Wouldn't that be a shame?

Romney and Ryan say that age 55 is the age that nothing about Medicare would change for people, but if they win in November, they can change a number with a stroke of a pen, and 55 could suddenly turn into any number they and their Tea Party radicals in Congress come up with.

Do people in retirement or near the age of retirement want to take that chance?  For that matter, do young people that are a considerable distance from the usual age of retirement, and may not become rich themselves one day, want to take that chance?  We don't think so.

[revised on 8/20/12]

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