Romney & Ryan: New Deal Crushers

As much as we don't care for the present administration in power, if the American people are crazy enough to put Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan into high office come November, we'll deserve the government we end up with, including the end of the good New Deal and Great Society programs -- programs that have kept our cities, towns and townships from being replicas of Calcutta -- and the misery that comes with that.  So these two guys are going to end Social Security, Medicare, Food Assistance and other anti-poverty programs, and end what paltry programs exist now to assist young students with college expenses, so that their very rich Billionaire, Multimillionaire and Millionaire friends don't have to pay more in taxes from the pittance they pay now, or so that the New Deal Crushers, Romney & Ryan, can entirely get rid of the estate taxes which only the rich pay and keeps America from becoming an outright haven for the landed gentry, in other words, a haven for those born into great wealth instead of working for it. 

American people, these two jokers are setting America up to be another Argentina, where you are basically either very rich or very poor. So if you think the Middle Class has been devastated, now, which it has been to a great degree, Romney and Ryan are going to finish off the job, as the "Great Outsourcer" from Michigan/Massachusetts looks for new ingenious ways to make Americans unemployed with no benefits to boot.  Either that or he'll make Medieval Age serfdom almost look good.  This radical duo, Romney and Ryan, is going to make your life miserable, especially the elderly and the very young, with their coupons for health care or none at all, tearing down Social Security, cutting off food assistance, no help for poor mothers or parents, and our cities, towns and townships bursting with poverty, crime and talk of revolution.  Not to mention Bush II-style wars probably being cooked up before they even step into the Oval Office (they have much of the same foreign policy advisors as Bush II did, believe it or not).  All while the very wealthy sit in their gated communities, use their real money to play Monopoly, and laugh.  Better to keep the jokers we know in office if Romney and Ryan are the only other choices.

[revised on 8/11/12]

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