The Whatever Society

We started to entitle this essay, "The Potemkin Society," but we decided on "whatever," because that seems to be the common American vernacular these days for "just about anything goes" and if it doesn't seem right or if it seems immoral, then we'll just look the other way and hope that all goes well anyway.  When the government used to break the Constitution, they at least tried to do it behind closed doors in the old days, but now the whatever society has enabled them to do it out in the open while federal judges nod and wink and hope that the common folk don't actually read the statutes and the Constitution.  There are no Frank Church-types (the late senator from Idaho) in Congress anymore to hold out-of-control intelligence agencies to account, so-called liberal presidents are given carte blanche to do things that a Nixon or a Bush (either one) would be called out for (especially if they seem hip and can read flowery platitudes with a flair), whistleblowers with a conscience are consistently thrown in jail, naked totalitarianism is just accepted as a necessary evil and, in Orwellian fashion, called by a nice name -- like security or something -- and peacemakers and environmentalists are the ones that are hounded and interrogated rather than the antithesis of them.  Meanwhile, the new turn-of-the-millennium Lady Liberty keeps head bowed and says, "whatever," and if the masses say, "thanks," she's got a ready response -- "Yep."

[revised on 1/24/2013]

The previous post, "Ex-Prime Minister Tymoshenko," was updated on 1/24/13.

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