Paul's Problematic Economic Policy

Congressional Democrats are so intertwined with the fraudster Obama administration through increasing adventurism abroad and the on-going degrading of civil liberties domestically, with their handful of dissenters so pathetic that we can hardly name them, it is not surprising that those of us anxious for policy moralism have taken so kindly to the Republicans' Rand Paul, since he speaks out boldly and up-front for anti-interventionism and the Bill of Rights. The Democrats even kicked out their loudest proclaimer for peace and civil liberties, Dennis Kucinich, in last year's primaries.  It is surprising that the party which nominated, respectively, William Jennings Bryan and George McGovern (albeit, decades apart), 4 times in the last 30 presidential elections, is effectively ceding the peace platform to the rightists in the Republican Party. The problem with that is that Paul & Company's domestic policies, aside from civil liberties, are appalling.  Like the defeated Romney-Ryan 2012 ticket, Paul & Co. want to devastate the "New Deal" and the "Great Society" through laissez faire economic policies and benign neglect, if not an outright radical dismantling of programs.  Americans, by and large, want to maintain the social safety net -- practically entirely paid for by the great multitude of beneficiaries themselves -- that has been built up over the last three quarters of a century.  A peace wreath in the right hand and Congressman Ryan's dubious budget manuscript in the left hand, is still going to be very problematic for the American electorate in deciding between the two corporate stamped major parties.  We're not standing with Rand on economic policy.

[revised on 4/5/2013]

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