Spy News: Paranoid Like Nostradamus

The recently reported over-reaching, over-the-top spying on innocent citizens apparatus run by the federal government is old news to the Party of Commons, as we warned about pretty much all of this in "Contrarian" (now, "Lighthouse"), among our other blogs, years ago, and even took some of the essays down for fear that we would be called paranoid.  Paranoid like Nostradamus, apparently.  By the way, much of this stuff is unconstitutional, so the "checks and balances" have failed.

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Mark is probably the only politician in Washington that had the temerity to keep the 2004 election shenanigans in the news as late as 2013 and to call out names. Help us solve the mystery of "The Other Curious Election of 2004" (WA 9th Congressional District U.S. Rep. primary) by contacting real journalists and asking them to look into it. Please, ask these journalists to use "Freedom of Information" requests to get to the bottom of this case. Elections are too important for shams to be ignored and for accountability to be neglected.