Egypt is the most obvious example, now, that the Egyptian regime recently told Uncle Sam to go to Hell, in so many words, and though not totally or necessarily related, has brutally cracked down on Egyptian protestors of last month's military coup.  It would seem that President Obama would be crazy to keep sending a billion dollars, or however much more, of taxpayers' money every year to them.  However, nothing is new that the Constitutional Scholar is missing doing the right thing in foreign affairs (it's the law that aid money must be suspended from countries that change governments through a coup).  Egypt is not the only undemocratic country getting largesse from Uncle Sam, but the dollar spigot should be turned off in these other undemocratic countries as well.

Updated 8/21/13 - (first published on Commoner on 8/17/13):
With horrific scenes of brutality right in front of TV cameras, the Egyptian military junta has been shooting, killing and maiming mostly peaceful and defenseless protestors to their regime and undemocratic takeover of the government last month, while the president of the United States of America cannot bring himself to cut off the nearly or actual 1.5 billion dollars of annual military aid that the U.S. hands over to them. This is taxpayers' money and it is abominable that this money is continuing to flow to a vicious junta. As Commoner is located in the 9th Congressional District of Washington, we would like to know what Rep. Adam Smith's position, and Senators Murray's and Cantwell's positions, are on Obama's practical support for the junta?

[Original post was revised on 8/22/13.]

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