War Rumors: Unwise, Unconstitutional and Impeachable

Several members of Congress are sending the president a letter asking him not to get into a war with Syria unless there is authorization from Congress, yet the letter should not be worded as simply a plea, but a demand -- a constitutional imperative.  The Syrian government is accused of using chemical weapons, resulting in hundreds of civilian casualties, in their civil war against rebels trying to overthrow the regime.  A U.N. investigatory agency is reportedly in Syria at this very moment trying to get answers to questions.  Why would the Obama govt. be trying to coerce the U.N. out of Syria before these questions can be answered, which is similar to the Iraq situation of '03?  The U.S. should not get involved in this hornets' nest for a number of reasons, and any warring actions by the  president without the consent of Congress would draw the U.S. further into the quagmires of that region, and would be unconstitutional and impeachable, as the Constitution explicitly says that only Congress can authorize or declare war, yet in recent history, Congress has unfortunately acquiesced their right to make these decisions.

[revised on 8/28/13]

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