Surely, the House Republicans Are Not Going to Shut Down the Government

Last year, when they had a chance to deny President Barack Obama a second term, the Republicans nominated a pompous charlatan flake for president, who basically said half the people of the nation were losers, and made Obama look not so bad by comparison.  Now, just when the president seems to be losing some popularity through a series of policy missteps, top G.O.P. officials and their rank-in-file in Congress appear to want to double down on last year's mistake by shutting down the government over the so-called Affordable Health Care Act.  This would be a radical departure from the normal mechanics of governance, throw millions of people into instant poverty, shatter the already weak economy, put the House of Representatives within striking distance of Democratic Party control in next year's elections, and suddenly make the president look good in comparison to his political foes, again.  If it were to happen, people may even start electing a few third party candidates to Congress for a change. 
Update, October 1, 2013: the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, refused to send up an unfettered CR (continuing resolution) to extend funding of the govt. for a month and a half (passed by the Senate through a bi-partisan vote) for a vote in the full House, therefore effectively shutting down the federal government on Tuesday, 12:00 AM, Oct. 1, 2013.

[Updated and revised on 10/1/13.]

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