The Establishment's Concertos: the Mainstream and "Alternative" Press

For a decade, now, I have been working very hard to give voters in Washington State an alternative to the corporate-stamped, Establishment candidates for political office, and I have gotten nothing but grief from the "bought and paid for" press, both mainstream and alternative, which is to say that they're the natural water carriers for their corporate masters.  Regarding the so-called alternative press in Washington, naturally, the hounds at the "strange" tabloid (and their affiliate blogs such as "hee-haw" or HA) are going to make sophomoric smears against me, because their alleged journalistic talents are so minuscule that they wouldn't know how to make sophisticated political judgments if it was written on a board for them.  As for the mainstream press and Joel Connelly-type hacks, they see their job as basically protecting the Establishment and the status quo instead of being the objective journalists that they should be.  We have moved to a situation in the U.S. where even the Gilded Age of the late 19th Century looks almost liberal, believe it or not, compared to today's excesses of Wall Street and 21st Century monopolists who have de-industrialized America and are doing their level best to strip the social safety net from workers that fought so hard for it through the "New Deal" and the "Great Society."  They twist words like "entitlements" and use slick words like "takers" as though workers are supposed to be embarrassed for the small gains we have made through the many years of struggle for economic rights and due compensation for our work.  Meanwhile, oligarchs stash away billions of dollars that have become basically tax-free and used politically more than ever to cement the New Gilded Age, with increasingly less restrictions, as the result of help from a corrupt U.S. Supreme Court, and the Congressional Tea Party crazies & the de facto one party Democratic-Republicans.  Those Congress groups are their puppets, and the press -- both mainstream and allegedly alternative -- are their concertos.

Mark Greene, Candidate for Congress, 9th District of Washington (Commons Party)