A Tale of Close Mindedness

I don't particularly care for FOX cable news, but I do watch them every now and then if for no other reason than to keep an open mind.  Every so often I will find something illuminating on that station that I might otherwise not have thought about.  Now that they have ex-congressman Dennis Kucinich as a commentator; presumably, as a counter to their usual commentary and analysis, I will probably watch it a little more than I usually do.  If only open-mindedness was a little more common, generally, because yesterday as I tried to get three women, who were together, to sign my Congressional petition to get on the ballot, they seemed initially interested, but the moment that I mentioned that I was running against "Blue Dog" Democrat, Adam Smith, whom they probably knew little about since he was only recently redistricted into the Bellevue area, they suddenly departed from me. 

I'm guessing the operative word for their sudden departure was "Democrat," but maybe they thought I was making some offensive characterization by using the term "Blue Dog," perhaps not knowing that this is a term that neoconservative Democrats apply to themselves and is also common political lexicon.  Whatever the case, why anyone would assume that "Democrat," as describing a politician, stands for the will of the People is beyond me, considering that the Democratic Party has been usurped by the same corporations that took over the Republican Party long ago, and thus antithetical to the People's will.  Moreover, these women probably didn't realize that "Blue Dog," in simple terms, means a "Republican" in Democrat clothing (whatever few dissimilarities the major parties have with each other these days).  For instance, Adam Smith pretty much goes along with the Bush-Obama global interventionist, militarist doctrine, as Smith voted for the Iraq War Resolution of 2002, as I believe President Obama would have done as well had he been in Congress in '02, despite his reported opposition to the resolution while he was in the Illinois Legislature.  Yet, these women didn't want to listen to any explanations from me, as closed minds usually want to keep their preordained thoughts, engulfed in ignorance or not.

- Mark Greene

[revised on 2/10/2013]

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