Wrecking the Post Office for FedEx, Et Al.

Privatization Gone Amuck

We can't even blame the Tea Party fanatics for this one -- not entirely anyway, that is the soon-to-be end of Saturday mail as a result of the U.S. Postal Service's on-going financial problems, which has everything to do with the lame duck 109th Congress, which Denny Hastert's Republican Party controlled, putting a poison pill in some bill (Hastert was the Speaker of the House then).  That poison pill happened to be making the Postal Service have 75 years worth of postal workers' pensions held in reserve in a ten year "window," which is utterly unorthodox and ridiculous as far as the usual management of government or private employee pension funds is concerned.  This can't be blamed on the Tea Party, because they weren't in their prime in 2006 when this bill was passed, apparently without any or much Democratic Party resistance (what else is new?).  This passed the 109th Congress, because the powers-that-be and the corporate behemoth, amazingly, want to wreck the Postal Service in order to enhance the position of corporate private mail companies like FedEx and U.P.S.  Yet, these companies are more interested in profit than anything else, thus they would not serve the entire United States as the Postal Service must, meaning Alaskan villages, backwoods areas in general, and a huge part of the rural U.S. would be severely disadvantaged (we thought these areas were suppose to be Republican strongholds, after all).  Of course, the Tea Party fanatics are more than willing to let the '06 change stand, along with Establishment Republicans, so there goes Saturday mail, and eventually government mail service, generally.  It's pathetic for a supposed first world nation.  Very pathetic.

[revised on 2/8/2013]

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