Real Change

Although the Obama govt. has done a real disservice to the word "change" in the last several years since it is suppose to have a positive connotation and not a negative one when used in campaigns, they don't own the word, and now what we need is real change in 2014.  The best way to achieve that is for the American voter to start disowning the "Democratic-Republican Party," and to start bringing in third parties and independents into the Congress of the United States.  We, in the 9th Congressional District of Washington, can do our part by voting for Mark Greene for Congress, the legal assistant/writer who is economically progressive, will call for an immediate pullout of our nation from countries in SW Asia (Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.) -- not six months from now, not one year from now, and certainly not one decade from now, but immediate --  and very most likely, will vote against new wars. 

The Commons Party will also call for progressive economics in order to break up the New Gilded Age just as Theodore Roosevelt broke up the original Gilded Age, and we'll call for stopping the meddling into the affairs of other countries, and to get back to minding our own business, which should be representing the common person's interests, which includes a sustainable environment, progressive economic sensibility, and a noninterventionist and moral ethos.  We think we can come in front of one or both of the major two parties, as there's not a dime's worth of difference between Democrats and Republicans, in the Top 2 primary come August, but with a hostile corporate press/media, we'll need your help and a little luck.  You can help with either of a number of things, namely by making a contribution, circulating a petition, spreading the word about the campaign, or voting for Commons in the primary and the general election.  Voting in the primary is especially important, because there is no general election without placing first or second in the primary.  Have a great year!

[revised on 1/1/14]