Rep. Adam Smith's Political Trickery

Of course, the corrupt corporate news media, that didn't tell readers or listeners a word about the 2011 King County Director of Elections race, isn't going to say anything about Rep. Adam Smith's hypocrisy in sponsoring a bill against indefinite detention of American citizens even though he was one of the majority in Congress that voted, in 2011, FOR the proviso in the National Defense Authorization Act that authorizes indefinite detention of Americans and others without lawyers, trials or anything else.  Despite the Constitution that says this is forbidden, they effectively wrote into the legal code that persons can just be disappeared, now, similar to Argentina disappearing people a few decades ago, especially political opponents and dissidents.  Even so-called Banana Republics are better at subtlety.

Now, Smith, a few years after his vote against the Bill of Rights, is suddenly for the Magna Carta, Habeas Corpus, and the United States Constitution.  Smith knows very well that the same congresspersons that sided with him in voting against the Amash Amendment [that tried to put some checks on the N.S.A.'s overreaching, totalitarian-oriented surveillance of American citizens doing nothing but minding their own business] are going to be the ones that makes sure his "anti-indefinite detention of Americans" bill goes nowhere, but Smith gets to play the Good Guy for his constituents while realizing he's doing absolutely nothing.  To put it simply, Smith is supposedly trying to undo what he did when he voted to make a mockery of the 5th and 6th Amendments.

This is all part of Adam Smith's reformed "Blue Dog" act of playing the Good Liberal on TV and radio, and with political stunts, while laughing all the way to the bank as yet another "tenured" congressman.  With Smith's corporate and "alternative" media friends at his side helping him push his hoaxes, and his rich friends sending him campaign cash, he won't be easy to defeat in either the primary or the general election, but that doesn't mean we won't try.

[revised on 3/22/14]

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