The Corrupt Supreme Court


The Roberts Court, which had already been roundly criticized and condemned for their Citizens United decision that opened the floodgates to devaluating the already weak federal and state election finance laws, just doubled down on their ineptitude, and contempt for democracy this week with a similar decision, and finished the job of letting America's oligarchy have all but complete control of the government.  In other words, 5 of 9 judges on the Court, Roberts, Kennedy, Scalia, Thomas and Alito just told the common public that they don't care whether anybody likes that their decision pretty much enshrines fascism in the United States, or that their activist "law-making" goes hypocritically against the strict constructionism that this so-called conservative wing of the Court were once reputed to have endorsed. 
It was only a few days ago that some billionaire Nevadan had high profile Republican contenders for president groveling at his feet, and one apologizing for misspeaking, in order to get his blessing for their candidacies.  This is what mainstream politics has come down to, groveling to the oligarchy, and doing their bidding.
As for the five judges that came down with this recent ruling, this is not the conservative wing of the Court, this is the fascist wing (minus Breyer for this decision), and the sooner Americans amend the Constitution to bring orderly finance rules and democracy into elections, the more likely we will resemble a democracy, again.
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