No "World Cup" At This Campaign Headquarters

Internationalism Gone Amuck
Remember the good ol' days when America's World Series used to get top billing on TV & radio and the overall cultural consciousness.  Now, the politics of our nation has been overrun by rampant internationalism, and America's media broadcast commentators and journalists have been ordered by their internationalist paymasters to downplay American sports, especially baseball, and to play up international soccer mania and its crowning "one world" symbol, the World Cup, as that has become quite evident since the tournament began, but this campaign for Congress is not taking the bait and the last time the World Cup will even be mentioned around here is in this essay.  Dismayingly, for a country desperately trying to maintain our nationhood and not to become a continental "one world" bazaar, America's liberal intelligentsia has increasingly tried to move out baseball from our schools and parks, and as a regular part of our social connectedness, and to replace it with foreign sports and culture.
In the same way, several of America's billionaires and industrialists, and their upper level paid help (executives), who can travel anywhere at the snap of their fingers, increasingly think of themselves more as internationalists or one-worlders than as Americans, and the big money, with the needed legal imprimatur from Congressional lackeys, such as the newly minted "Wall Street" Republican majority leader (McCarthy) and "free trader" Rep. Adam Smith, is continuing to transfer American industry and jobs abroad and institute internationalist firms and globalist think tanks here, and telling those of us who still want our nation and republic, and not an internationalist combine from which imperialists and so-called free traders are made to feel at home, to get lost, and by the way, forget about your World Series and start getting used to the World Cup.

Let's get our priorities straight in the August 5th primary in the 9th District of Washington by voting for Mark Greene and the Citizens Party!

[revived on 6/22/14]

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