Overdoing H1B Visas

Believe it or not, high tech corporations in America are trying to pressure Congress into opening up the gates, so to speak, so that these corporations can import millions of people from overseas for H1B visas to work in their companies in the nation.   Keep in mind that Congress already grants special visas to hundreds of thousands of these type of workers over a period of years, and probably a million already at any one time.  America is a nation based on a common culture, history and values, not a gargantuan human resources office for the entire world.

Congress needs to make that point clear.  If these corporations need workers, hire Americans.  If they don't think enough of the citizenry is trained well enough for their needs, then maybe they need to start paid apprenticeships and training centers, or more of them.  It's not that complicated, even for the "best and the brightest."

[Revised on 6/2/15.]