Special Election: WA 30th District

The Party of Commons, a.k.a. Revived Citizens Party, Washington Environmental Party, is considering sponsoring a candidate for the vacant WA 30th District legislative seat in the 2015 special election, which will be held because Rep. Roger Freeman passed away last October.  If our party picks somebody to run, that person will represent the average person struggling to find or maintain a sustainable job, a decent, affordable place to live, and also wanting to live in a wholesome society that respects the U.S. Constitution, treaties the nation has signed, civil liberties, sound environmental policies, socio-economic justice and non-imperialistic values that always condemns torture.

If we decide to have a candidate and we win, Commons will sponsor resolutions in the Capitol that calls for dismantling armed drones through a multilateral treaty, and nuclear armaments in accordance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.  We call on everybody that agrees with us and reading these words to reach into their pockets and to donate anywhere from $10 - $200 specifically for the party and our coffers, not the special election.