The Noncredible Big Media

We can't believe that CNN actually had the ethically-challenged former police commissioner of N.Y. C., Bernard Kerik, as one of their commentators, today, apparently as some kind of domestic security expert.  Bush II had to withdraw this guy's name as his nominee for Secretary of Police State Homeland Security because of Kerik's legal troubles.  Who's next for one of CNN's "reliable" sources?  Maybe, the disgraced ex-House Majority Leader, Tom DeLay, to give some advice on how to improve America's political redistricting processes?

MSNBC, as usual, continues to run their daily internationalist hour(s), but what else did you expect from cable TV's biggest promoter of internationalist thought & theory: Americana?

And last but not least on this list of noncredible big media, FOX, America's tribune of misinformation mixed with fascism.

[revised on 3/1/15]