Fascism By Lists

An Overreaction to the San Bernardino Tragedy

Some in Congress are now trying to forbid large swaths of citizens from being able to partake in the same rights as that of the majority of citizens, because they are on some list of one kind or another; lists created by the whims, rational, peculiar or otherwise, of individual bureaucrats.  There are one million Americans on various terrorist watch lists by the government, but that number is outrageously huge, thereby, through basic reason, logic and probability, it's a good bet that hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens are being misclassified and hounded for no good reason.  That many unjustifiably listed may have criticized the government or politicians, or have unconventional political viewpoints that don't match Republican Party and Democratic Party platforms, but these lists aren't transparent; so with so many citizens on these lists, there is no doubt that the basic rights of Americans & the Constitution are being dismissed by preening non-elected and elected authoritarians.