Seattle's Housing Crisis

Seattle's Establishment Democrats who will inevitably be rallying around "Global Citizen" Cyrus Habib or Frank Chopp's right hand man, Jim Moeller, for Lieutenant Governor, haven't a clue about what to do about the Calcutta-ization of our state's biggest city.  However, the answer could begin somewhere along these lines: make sure that thousands of units of cheap housing (not so-called affordable) are built in and near the downtown core.  It would cost relatively little government expenditures to build housing rooms similar to what the Y.M.C.A. used to do, before they decided to effectively take the "Christian" out of their name and turn themselves into solely middle class fitness and swimming centers. 

The city, county & state governments, by themselves, and/or in combination with non-profit businesses and organizations, should re-make the old Y.M.C.A. model, with several, or as many as a score, of new or renovated buildings, and charge a very limited amount of money for rentals of rooms, something like $20 a week, or as little or much as particular renters could afford depending on their circumstances, or nothing at all if a person has serious health problems and/or disabilities.  The talk about so-called affordable apartment units that nobody without a steady job can afford no matter how "affordable" it is doesn't address the problem of homelessness, although it may help to address the problem of housing for the general working class.  And Murray's tent cities solution is merely an avoidance of the housing crisis in Seattle, does nothing to help most homeless people, and pretty much ignores those who really want to build decent housing in the city.  The fecklessness of Seattle's Democratic Party Establishment in Seattle is the real problem when it comes to housing and homelessness in Seattle.

-- Mark Greene, Revived Citizens Party, Washington Lieutenant Governor Campaign

[Originally posted on "Washingtonian," under the title "Seattle's Democrat Politicians Don't Have a Clue on How To Help the Homeless;" revised on 5/9/16.]

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