Is the Media Really That Ignorant?

About American History

The Orlando, Florida massacre perpetrated by an ideologically extremist madman is a tragedy of tremendous proportions, and Commoner sympathizes with the victims and their families.  When it comes to facts, however, is the mainline media so ignorant that they call this particular massacre, in which 49 people were killed, the worst shooting in American history?  Apparently they are, because it's not close to being the worst.  A number of massacres involving shootings and perpetrated by the government on Native Indigenous People, such as the 1890 Wounded Knee massacre, were far worst.   Then there was the rebel raid, during the Civil War, on Lawrence, Kansas civilians, called the "Sacking of Lawrence," the 19th Century (1873) Colfax massacre, and other massacres in America against Native, white and black people.  There's an informative article by Lakota Voice about other tragic massacres in America.   Let's not forget our history.