Just Stein Left

Before I was considering Gary Johnson as a lesser-of-evils vote for president, I hadn't realized that he had made an inflammatory statement about who the government should force to do something against their will in regards to making wedding cakes (very un-libertarian like).  Considering his laissez-faire politics, it's just as well that he's out of contention for my vote anyway.  It's just Jill Stein left as a plausible alternative to the Democratic, Republican and Libertarian nominees, as far from ideal a candidate for president that she is.  Yet, there are other third party candidates besides Johnson and Stein, but their chances of winning are bleaker than those two, if even they are on enough state ballots to gain 270 electoral votes. 

Caveat:  Would probably need to keep the current Majority in the House, by and large, to keep Stein's most liberal instincts in check.  Sometimes divided government is best.