Not Supporting Any of the 4 Most Media Known Candidates for President

Regarding the 4 most media trumpeted candidates for president of the U.S., Clinton, Trump, Johnson & Stein, the Revived Citizens Party is not supporting any of them, and never really have.  Although, an essay or two that our party wrote looked like tepid support for Stein, that isn't the case anymore, and any essays written were really only meant to infer that she was the most plausible of the 4 regarding our support, which gives you an idea of how unpalatable this year's most viable choices are -- viable in the sense that candidates are on enough state ballots to actually have a theoretical chance of winning -- but the Green Party is a globalism-practicing party, unfortunately, and not enough is known about Stein or her vice-president candidate to support them, and have lately seen a little unsettling information about the latter.  The Revived Citizens Party is still checking candidates beyond the 4 for our endorsement, if any shall be forthcoming, not that the mainstream media is helping with that.  By the way, where's Ralph Nader when you need him?

[Revised on 9/19/16.]