Queen of Self-Righteousness

Update:  "Commoner" is supporting no candidate for president this year, yet.  Looking at candidates on the ballot beyond the 4 most talked about in the media. 

Why does Rachel Maddow, of MSNBC-TV, care so much about where in America Donald Trump campaigns?  She practically wants to make it a scandal because Trump campaigns in Mississippi and Washington state, as if she were his campaign manager.  Last I heard, Mississippi and Washington were still part of the United States.  If it were up to Rachel Maddow's logic, I wouldn't run for anything, since hardly anybody ever gives me a chance of winning anything, but I had a few upsets, thank you, including two major party primaries/nominations for Congress in Alaska.  I say this not even being a supporter of Trump, but Maddow's trying to peg where Trump should campaign is part and parcel of Maddow's smugness/arrogance in reporting political news.  Maddow is interesting often enough, but when she starts being self-righteous, contrarianness to what she says is almost a given even if I  happen to agree with the gist of what she's trying to get across.

[Revised on 9/18/16.]