International Convention on Unusual Weaponry Needed

We first heard about the development of miniaturized flying attack robots in Israel, months ago, and now there are recent news stories about a similar program, in which the robots could spy, among other things, being developed by the U.S. military.

The development of bizarre weaponry is not smart, especially if a nation is the initiator of such. By initiating, you give other people ideas, make them more defensive, and appeal to thier basest instincts. It is also grist for the boomerang syndrome. In other words, generally speaking, what you can use against your enemies can eventually be used against you.

Apparently, some have not learned the lesson of having the Damocles sword of nuclear weapons hanging over the fate of humanity on earth, now that they are willing to make matters even worst by creating more bizarre weaponry. No telling what the military industrial complex has cooking up besides the Buck Rogers-type ray gun, examined on a "60 Minutes" television program a while back, and these miniaturized robots. We can imagine things far worst in the works, knowing that the pull of money is a major consideration in just about everything the military industrial complex does, as if war-making destruction and the teetering of the habitation of the planet would not envelope every person on Earth.

It's time for ordinary citizens and rational politicians, all over the world, to insist that their countries and the United Nations places an outright ban on the most bizarre weapons and spy gadgets. An international convention against these kinds of weapons is needed, and at least, come the 20th of January, 2009 (the day of the presidential transition), Bush & Cheney, assuming martial law has not been declared by then, will no longer be able to torpedo needed non-proliferation arms conventions and treaties, as they did to the Biological Weapons Convention, the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, and several others.

A caveat, nonetheless: if other nations (or non-state organizations) are developing unusual weaponry or spy gadgetry, and negotiations or international conventions and treaties will not dissuade countries from this course of action, then we have no choice but to compete with them in order to defend ourselves if necessary.

[This essay was revised on the same day it was first posted.]

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