Red Wings

The Party of Commons will publish Chairman Mark Greene's biography through a blog, beginning on New Year's Day, 2009. This will be done in parts and will probably be completed before the end of the calendar year. We will call these writings, "Red Wings," in memory of Mark's childhood where he grew up just blocks from Detroit's Olympia Stadium; for a long time, the home of the Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey League. Olympia Stadium is in central Detroit, almost as middle Detroit as you can get, although a little ways from the avenue that divides east and west Detroit. This area is not downtown. The chairman grew up in Detroit during the heyday of Gordie Howe, the Red Wing's most famous player. The Detroit Red Wings have ceased to play in Olympia for some time now and currently play in Joe Louis Arena.

Mark started his childhood in Detroit, before moving to Indiana where he lived for most of his teens. On his way to being an important loyal opposition figure on America's political scene, Mark spent considerable periods of time in different sections of America, practically from sea to shining sea. "Red Wings" symbolizes not only Mark's family's proximity to the hockey club, but Chairman Greene's sense of adventure, similar to Gordie Howe racing down the rink; Mark's zest for politics, the ups and downs of his educational, working and political careers, and trying to bring the third party political wing of America into the mainstream.

This blog will update you about "Red Wings" and where on the web that you'll be able to find it on New Year's Day.

[This essay was revised on 12/1/08.]

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