The Transition Is Looking Shoddy

As usual, in our nation's "one party" (with two factions) forum, the choices for president weren't really that great, it was either Bush lite (Obama) or Bush-on-steroids (McCain). After all, independent candidates or third party candidates are unfairly and greatly disadvantaged in presidential elections and most others. So President-elect Obama was preferable for election to us under the circumstances. Now, Obama is living up to our skepticism with his so-called Team of Rivals transition. It may be a team of rivals alright, but it's also looking like a Team of Clintonites, with Hillary Clinton leading the pack as Obama's presumed choice for Secretary of State. The New York foreign policy hawk and neoconservative that threatens obliteration of nations, is apparently going to be the Obama administration's foreign policy leader. Clinton is not even Bush lite, she's just plain Bushian, which is probably why she didn't win the Democratic nomination. Hillary Clinton should be no where near the Secretary of State's office. Obama's former foreign policy adviser, Samantha Power, would be more suited for the job.

Another rumor going around is that Bush's defense secretary is going to be left in place despite that Obama is supposedly against the most strident of Bush's war policies. Wait a minute ... we thought this was going to be the "change" administration ... and Obama is going to leave even one of Bush's secretaries in the Cabinet?

You can tell a lot by the people that leaders surround themselves with. By that measure, the transition is not going well as far as the governance of America is concerned. It really is going to be Bush lite ... or just plain Bushian.

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