Bush's Palace

The new and opulent Vatican-sized American embassy in Iraq was opened for business, recently. It is the largest embassy in the world according to news reports. It is said to have extravagant amenities for Bush's corp of diplomats that ordinary Iraqis cannot dream of, because they are too busy trying to eke out a basic subsistence from what's left of the country that Bush, Cheney, Rice, et al. destroyed. It is a shame that taxpayer's money is being wasted in this way. What is the purpose of this gigantic embassy other than to be a center for Pax Americana in the Middle East? American politicians and statespersons who once criticized the opulence of Saddam Hussein's palaces have now, hypocritically, built their own. This new palace is a symbol of Bush's bald-faced lie in the campaign of 2000 about seeking a "humble foreign policy." Congress should immediately pass legislation that would have this structure turned over to the Iraqi government, with a provision that it be used for social services for the poor and unemployed, and for the orphans of Iraq. Then, one day, there might be a treaty with Iraq which would provide a basis to build a regular-sized embassy like there is in any other country of the world.

Post-script (added on 1/7/09):

The computer of the chairman of the Party of Commons may have been hi-jacked as there continues to be irregularities and difficulties in operating it. We are not 100% sure if these problems stem from the illicit handiwork of Bush's agents, foreign government agents, or from some other source, but these problems go with the territory since the Party of Commons is not a political party that accommodates or appeases those that we have philosophical or moral differences with. Compromise is ok and useful in politics, but certain things are uncompromisable to the P.O.C.

The Party of Commons is trying to solve these technical problems, but your financial assistance will help so that the chairman can get the best technological assistance possible.

[This essay was revised on 1/7/09.]

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