First Eighty Days: Bush Lite

It didn't even take 100 days for the Obama rule to show itself to be little different than the Bush rule they replaced. There is little wonder why they are resisting to prosecute the obvious crimes of Bush & Co. Why would you prosecute the brethren whose policies you admire and emulate? The Obama rule has done virtually nothing to roll back the so-called Unitary Executive (king-like) stance of the former regime despite Obama's lofty campaign rhetoric of hope and change. Obama's support last year of the new F.I.S.A. statute, which clearly is unconstitutional, indicated the supposed constitutional scholar's disregard of the 4th Amendment of the Constitution, which used to protect American citizens' rights against unreasonable searches and seizures.


As a candidate, President Barack Obama's promises to withdraw the troops from Iraq were a huge factor in getting him elected, but more than 80 days since his inauguration, the president is taking his time in withdrawing all the troops despite the horrors of war that are continuing to affect the people of Iraq and the troops. The president should be withdrawing our troops, now, not months from now or years from now.

[revised on 4/16/09]


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In a series of recent incidents that only the naive would consider coincidental, Big Brother in America has peered into the P.O.C. chairman's privacy, for no reason other than that Mark Greene has consistently and democratically opposed the foreign policies of Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama. During the 90's and early Zeros, Mark traveled the world beyond his own country and Canada, and now his innocuous communications with two friends from central and eastern Europe, respectively, both going to and coming from, are seemingly being intercepted and pried into, and in one case apparently confiscated. The Orwellian society is taking shape unless the people of America take back our 4th Amendment rights.