Staving Off the Orwellian Society

Our nation is in crisis: wars abroad, the economic downturn, a terrible spate of crime, and governmental acts overturning more of the last few protections left for moral consciousness in our legal system. Now, unfortunately, some scientists are more freer to unabashedly tinker with human life at its beginning stages, and health professionals, without risking their jobs, are less freer to declare conscientious objection to acts they believe to be immoral.

The moral foundation of our nation should be strengthened in the home and in the schools, and we hope parents and schools everywhere in our nation will go about the task of shoring up this foundation by example and by renewed moral instruction in the elementary classes. With the new technocratic monopoly that has taken over the classrooms and more of the general society, it will be quite arduous for parents and enlightened teachers to put a broadly concensus-based universal moral training back into the elementary classes and generally return our schools to a more varied curriculum. However, we cannot fail to try, because if the present trends continue, our nation could turn into one of the most robotic-type cultures in the world and the vision of Orwell's "1984" could come into full bloom.

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