Blog News VIII

Two new blogs by "Commons" chairman, Mark Greene, will be started; one of which will be personally oriented rather than involving Party of Commons's business, although there will be a loose association. The Party of Commons gets virtually no contributions and Mark's hard work in running the party earns him no money whatsoever. Mark is trying to earn a living, independently, outside of party business, but will take a legally sanctioned salary from party business if forthcoming. Mark will start publishing his plays, prose and poetry, and start making his legal and political consultant business more known through the internet and through Party of Commons's websites and blogs. Mark needs business from lawyers, paralegals, or companies who would like to sign him up for a paralegal services contract, either short or long term. Readers who follow the Party of Commons will begin to notice this somewhat minor change, about Mark's job inquiries, immediately.

Regarding the new blogs, which we will tell more about on Blog News VIII through an added post-script, one blog will be solely about Mark's writing as a playwright. The other blog will be a kind of a government watch blog that will have more of an association with the Party of Commons, although technically not a party blog. This blog will center on Mark's and his P.O.C. colleagues' personal observations of courts and various government hearings, such as council meetings, legislative committees and so forth.

Please, tell your relatives, friends and associates about these new blogs specifically as well as about the Party of Commons generally. Also, tell them that Mark can help them with filling out legal forms and with rudimentary legal-oriented services, consistent with a legal assistant's work, for a relatively small fee; this would help Mark with his consultant business.

Post-script: Please check out our new non-party business blogs which are now up and running:

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