"Interrogator" Quizzes Chairman

While the chairman was campaigning for Initiative 432 (easy steps for candidates to run for office initiative), a man quizzed him regarding "Commons's" philosophy overall and position on health care. Mark met the challenge by explaining that we're economically progressive and that we're for a national health care plan, universal in nature, but not necessarily a single payer plan. Mark explained that any universal plan would be better than the present system, implying that incremental steps are sometimes necessary to eventually get to the most productive and worthwhile program. Then the man started questioning Mark about the specifics of "Commons's" plan. Mark explained that we don't have a detailed plan, implying that we are not a major party or even a relatively large minor party that has dozens or scores of staff people that can work on researching various issues and writing detailed position papers.

The Party of Commons is a very small party. Our platforms and policies may be general in outline but they are representative of the masses, which is better than having detailed position papers that are approved by the corporate behemoth. However, you can help us grow bigger by joining the Party of Commons as a future candidate, a director, or as an assistant, or making a contribution. We also need you to ask for an Initiative 432 petition page or pages, and get signatures for us. We can't get a quarter of a million signatures by New Year's Eve all by ourselves:

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