Independence for All

As a party of non-intervention and basically minding our own business, the Party of Commons thinks that Independence Day is a good day not only to celebrate and think about our nation's relative freedom, which is under severe stress these days, but to think about the right of sovereignty and independence as it relates to all nations, and the basic natural rights of individuals. Which is why it is time for our nation to withdraw troops from foreign countries where we are not bound by treaties or not in declared wars. Since the world actually does need some policing, let it come from a cohesive effort of all nations, paid for by all, in which our nation would play a role as one of many.

On another independence front, it is past time to release from American prisons those non-violent prisoners caught up in draconian sentencing from the so-called war on drugs.

On this Independence holiday, as well, may the Almighty watch over our troops in foreign lands and bring them home safely when the time has come for their return.

[revised on 7/4/09; same day as first posted]

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