Mark Stays Apace

Chairman Mark Greene visited the Municipal League of King County on July 1st for an interview in relation to his candidacy for King County Council. Mark was asked a number of questions, such as what was his related experience that would prepare him for the council position. Mark referred specifically to his career as a paralegal and to the satellite legal office near the Georgian-Alabaman border that he was in charge of while working for the parent corporate firm in Atlanta. Mark knows the corporate world as well as the world of labor, as both backgrounds give him a keen insight into the problems of our nation and helps him to stay apace in the election for council.

Post-script: The local press got their facts wrong, again. One report had Mark about 1500 votes down from the actual total that he received in the Secretary of State primary in Washington last year (Mark got 22,800 votes). The same report, much of which was a re-hash of their articles from '07 & '08, made it seem that Mark was ignorant about the powers of town councils, but Mark realizes that only the United States House of Representatives has the power of federal impeachment. Mark has been involved in politics since 1964, and he knows "civics" pretty well.

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