The 2nd Gilded Age

The Wall Street barons, the Bush II and Obama administrations were linked together, through the chicanery of Bush's last treasury secretary and Obama's officials, Larry Summers and Timothy Geithner, with their financial bailouts for Wall Street, to make these already ostentatiously rich "Wall Street" people even richer. It is by sheer gall and flim flam that they even contemplated such an uproarious scheme, let alone carry it out, to deceive Commoner & Middle America that it was for the benefit of commoners and middle class Americans. In this second Gilded Age, millions of Americans are being foreclosed from their homes, going bankrupt, losing their jobs and going homeless while a handful of people get trillions of dollars, much of which has been parlayed for their personal wealth. Why the American people do not toss out this worthless Congress, that went along with these policies, en masse with congressional elections every two years is beyond us, especially when a position in Congress these days is tantamount to lifetime tenure. This Congress is basically for the benefit of billionaires, millionaires and the corporate behemoth that swallows up ordinary Americans like a whale swallowing up minnows. They don't give a fig's leaf for the struggling commoner as the Congress and the Obama administration do everything possible to sustain this 2nd Gilded Age of greed, ostentatious wealth, arrogant corporate mendacity (with the help of thier media paupers) and happy-go-lucky disdain for the environment, including our moral certitudes.

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