Under the Weather

At the worst possible time, during the "Seabiscuit" drive to the election, Mark Greene has been a little "under the weather." Nothing serious, but Mark had to rest up today and delay further the start of the final drive of the write-in campaign for sheriff of King County. Yesterday's expected re-start of active campaigning was also cancelled, because of legal research activities for the court case involving the sheriff's election. The ACLU's refusal to take this case, which would have freed "Commons" from most of the paperwork, has hurt our campaign. Not surprisingly, neither the corporate mainstream news media nor their blogosphere lieutenants have picked up this election story. In fact, the Seattle Times wrote on their Politics Northwest blog that Sue Rahr is unopposed - a falsehood.

Incidentally, last Saturday (Oct. 17), Mark helped catch a dog. While Mark was on foot, a lady, while driving with a young, grade-school-aged boy, presumably her son, asked Mark if he had seen a runaway beagle. Mark replied, "No, I haven't - sorry." Not more than five minutes later, however, Mark spotted the beagle not far from Lake Washington and the beagle followed him as Mark hoped to see the lady again to alert her about the dog. As the beagle followed Mark for a mile or so, the lady and her son showed up again themselves, this time on foot after parking her car, and the dog ran to their arms and a leash. The boy and the lady beamed with relief. A small community service that the candidate for sheriff was glad to perform.

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