Blog News XXV

The United States Senate gives a stick to the poor.

Chairman Mark Greene has been ill, but he is hoping to make a full recovery, soon. Speaking of illness, the Senate version of the health care reform legislation is utterly ridiculous, and a feather in the cap for the dubious private health care insurers that caused the health care crisis in the first place. "Commons" supports the House version that has a public option, but the Senate version is deplorable. If the Senate version is the best that this "Democratic"-controlled Congress can come up with, then we are better off with no bill whatsoever. The Senate bill would only empower the already too powerful private health insurers. This bill is a sham that would either force the uninsured onto the private insurers' rolls or face penalties (a stick for the poor). We have been saying all along that the Republicans and the Democrats are two sides of the same coin, the Senate version of the health care bill proves just that.

"Commons South" takes a look back at the Bill Clinton era and how it seems like de ja vu all over again. (can also be seen by clicking on the title link, above)

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